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Marketing Communications Network is comprised of experienced professionals in the fields of advertising, public relations, graphic design and media. Depending upon your marketing needs, we can provide a specialized team to help you meet the goals of your short or long-term projects and campaigns. You have confidence knowing that you are working with proven experts in the marketing communications industry who listen well to understand and solve your marketing challenges.
Linda Russo

About Linda Russo

Linda Russo has more than twenty years of marketing communications experience, working with large retailers, electric and gas utilities, energy efficiency service providers, financial services firms, advertising agencies, technology companies, educational institutions, and non-profits. Prior to founding Marketing Communications Network, Linda was Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Conservation Services Group (CSG), a national energy efficiency services firm, where she developed award-winning campaigns for utilities, energy service providers, and state agencies to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy for more than fifteen years.

Prior to joining CSG, Linda led advertising and public relations efforts for Eastern Utilities Associates (now, National Grid). She also held creative positions with mass-market retailers including Zayre Corporation, (now TJX Companies), and Bradlees, a Stop & Shop Company.

Born in England and raised in Massachusetts, Linda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts. Linda resides in Tampa, Florida. When not working on client projects, Linda enjoys creative pursuits including cooking, interior design, sewing, painting, and gardening, as well as boating and travelling with her family.

What some of our clients have to say…

“The best decision I ever made in my marketing career was hiring Linda Russo. She has the uncanny ability to jump right into a situation, figure out what needs to be done and then do it. She is creative, resourceful and energetic. Linda is the most solid, most hardworking, most talented person I have ever worked with. Linda is a professional—a team player—who always puts the job first and always gets results.”
Bernard Mendillo

Writer and former Creative Services Manager, Eastern Utilities (now National Grid)

“Linda is a consummate team member and provides timely, responsive and high-quality client services. She clearly identifies and understands the objectives and needs of the client and/or project and delivers end products that always meet and often exceed expectations. I highly recommend Linda for marketing related work, strategy, copywriting, client relations and communications. Linda has vast experience and knowledge in the utility and energy efficiency industries and applies her marketing communication skills to get results for clients.”

Dan Dent

VP, DSM E Source; former VP, Utility Services, Nexant

“Linda took on a near-impossible task with an unreasonable timeline under the direction of a committee peopled by organizations with differing and disparate motives. All clear danger signs. Linda, and those under her direction, developed a coherent theme, a stylish logo, and produced beautiful designs, copy, and program materials of such high quality and on such a tight schedule, that it has truly amazed and pleased all involved.”
Jeffrey L. Gephart

President, Vermontwise Energy Services, Inc.

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